The Polish Solar Energy Society -PTES is the NGO voluntary, self governing and non - profit organization, which was established in 1994 to foster the sciences and technology in the application of solar energy; to encourage solar energy fundamentals and applied research and development in the country.
The Polish Solar Energy Society - PSES is linked to ISES - International Solar Energy Society through the Polish National Section of ISES. During foundation process, PSES used the rules, purposes and way of development of activity created and tested before by the International Solar Energy Society. Of course, the adoption to the Polish reality had to be done. The society has been created to provide a forum for scientific exchange in the field of solar and other renewables energies and to encourage solar energy basic and applied research and development. After few years of the activity of the Society it started to be widely regarded as the organisation promoting the development and utilisation of renewable and especially solar energy in Poland, staying in close contact with national and international renewable energy institutions.
Nowadays, the activity of the Society is focused on encourage the know-how in solar energy and disseminate the information of energy efficiency and renewables. We organise scientific and public meetings and seminars, in a form of scientific seminars (in co-operation with the Division of Eco-Buildings Problems of the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences) and we co-operate with different institutions in organizing scientific and technical conferences, meetings and exhibitions. We are also involved in expert activity. Representatives from PTES are invited to work (voluntary) as experts in different national commissions and boards on promotion and implementation of renewable energy in the country, in environmental groups. Experts from PTES take part in elaboration of expert evidences (governmental and non-governmental) on solar energy and other renewables.
Nowadays, there are about 240 members of the Society. They are scientists and researchers from Universities and research institutes, and engineers involved in solar energy. Some members work in different organisations involved in development of environmental and clean energy policy, in implementation of solar energy technologies. Some members are individuals that have got different professions, but have an interest in advancing the role of solar energy in the country. We have several Sustaining Members, which are big institutions or companies engaged in implementation of new innovative technologies in the country, some of them are producers of solar systems. Students from different Universities are also members of the society (they are exempted from membership fee). Having so wide spectrum of members we can cover different types of activity.
The Polish Solar Energy Society is the only one society and non-governmental organisation dealing with solar energy in the country. Activity of PSES-ISES is all the time based on the voluntary work of the members, where many of them are very well known Polish scientists and researchers. The Society has proved to give the unique opportunity for consolidation of the national solar energy lobby, for contacts, co-operation and exchange point of view among scientists, engineers, producers, representatives of local authorities and ordinary people.

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