The Polish Solar Energy Society publishes a quarterly "Polska Energetyka Słoneczna" (ISSN 1730-2420), which serves the education puropses in the use of Solar Energy and other renewable energy sources, low energy architecture, sustainable development. Additional aim of quarterly is promotion of unconventional, pro-environment practical applications.
Everyone who is interested in subscription of "Polska Energetyka Słoneczna", please conntact us by sending an email: dchwied@itc.pw.edu.pl or by phone: tel. (48 22) 234 52 27.
We invite you to cooperation and presentation of your work and achievements in the pages of our magazine and to participate in seminars and meetings.

The editorial committee consists of the following persons:
Editor-in-chief: Dorota Chwieduk;
Journal Editors: Jarosław Bigorajski, Bartosz Chwieduk, Michał Chwieduk, Adam Szelągowski;
Editorial Board: Andrzej Chochowski, Dorota Chwieduk, Roman Domański, Wojciech Dzieniszewski, Wiesław Gogół, Hanna Jędrzejuk, Elżbieta Kossecka, Wojciech Marks, Stanisław Pietruszko, Włodzimierz Pomierny, Andzej Tomczuk, Ryszard Wnuk;
International Scientific Committee: Stanislav Darula, Istvan Farkas, Mario Fsadni, Galina Kashkarova, Jayanta Deb Mondol, Peteris Shipkovs, Stephen White, Aggelos Zacharopoulos.
Thematic Editors : Andrzej Chochowski, Roman Domański, Hanna Jędrzejuk
Linguistic Editor: Priyanshu Parasar

Subscription can be ordered by:
- mail to PTES - ISES: ul. Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warszawa, Poland;
- email: ptes-ises@itc.pw.edu.pl

The cost of an annual subscription is 36 zł. More informations!

Subscriptions can be paid at the post office or by bank transfer on the account:
Polskie Towarzystwo Energetyki Słonecznej - ISES
PKO BP SA X/O Warszawa
22 1020 1013 0000 0502 0116 0639

Costs of advertising and promotional items in the journal:
Color cover:
I side - 1600 zł
II side - 1200 zł
III side - 1200 zł
IV side - 1400 zł

Advertising inside the magazine and promotional items:
1 page in full color - 1000 zł
1 two-color page - 900 zł
1 page black-and- white - 800 zł
Half page , quarter page or part of a page proportionally less.

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