Below you can find the most important information for reviewers and about reviewers of journal: "Polska Energetyka Słoneczna"
Reviewing procedure in the journal is as follows:
- for each publication at least two independent reviewers evaluate paper, reviewers are from outside the research unit affiliated by the author of publication;
- author or authors of publications and reviewers do not know their identity (double-blind review process);
- for the same affiliations author and reviewer, or direct personal relationships, or direct scientific cooperation in the past two years preceding the year of preparation of review, the reviewer signs a declaration of interests;
- written review contains an unequivocal conclusion concerning the conditions of release of article for publication or reject it;
- the names of the reviewers of individual publications or editions of the journal are not disclosed.
For reviewers to download: Review form

In table below main reviewers of journal "Polska Energetyka Słoneczna" are shown:
No. Full Name Institution
1 Prof. Dorota Chwieduk ITC PW, Warszawa
2 PhD. Dariusz Czekalski WIP SGGW, Warszawa
3 Prof. Roman Domański ITC PW, Warszawa
4 Prof. Anna Grzybek IBMEiR, Warszawa
5 Prof. Brunon Grochal IMP PAN, Gdańsk
6 PhD. Dariusz Heim IAiU, PŁ, Łódź
7 PhD. Maciej Jaworski ITC PW, Warszawa
8 PhD. Hanna Jędrzejuk ITC PW, Warszawa
9 Prof. Beata Kępińska AGH, Kraków
10 PhD. Tomasz Kisilewicz WIL, Kraków
11 PhD. Katarzyna Klemm IAiU, PŁ, Łódź
12 Prof. Elżbieta Kossecka IPPT PAN, Warszawa
13 Prof. Aleksander Lissowski WIP SGGW, Warszawa
14 Prof. Wojciech Marks IPPT PAN, Warszawa
15 PhD. Dorota Matuszko IGiGP, UJ. Kraków
16 PhD. Stanisław Pietruszko IMiO PW, Warszawa
17 Prof. Zbigniew Piotrowski WBiIŚ PŚ, Kielce
18 Prof. Zbysław Pluta ITC PW, Warszawa
19 MSc. Włodzimierz Pomierny MAE, Warszawa
20 PhD. Mariusz Szewczyk WM PRz, Rzeszów
21 Prof. Tomasz Wiśniewski ITC PW, Warszawa
22 PhD. Ryszard Wnuk KAPE, Warszawa
23 PhD. Zbigniew Zapałowicz KTC, ZUT, Szczecin

International Scientific Committee members of journal "Polska Energetyka Słoneczna" are listed in table below:
No. Full Name Institutoin Function
1 PhD. Stanislav Darula Institute of Construction and Architecrure, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratysława, Słowacja Research officer
2 Prof. Istvan Farkas Szent Istvan University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute for Enviromental Engineering Systems, Department of Physics and Process Control, Godollo, Węgry Director of institute
3 PhD. Mario Fsadni Institute for Sustainable Energy, University of Malta, Malta Lecturer
4 PhD. Galina Kashkarova Institute of Physical Energetics, Energy Resources Laboratory, Ryga, Lotwa Senior Researcher
5 PhD. Jayanta Deb Mondol Center for Sustainable Technologies School of the Building Enviroment, University of Ulster, UK Lecturer
6 Prof. Peteris Shipkovs Latvian Academy of Science, Institute of Physical Energetics, Ryga, Łotwa Head of Laboratory
7 PhD. Stephen White CSIRO, Energy Trchnology, Newcaslte, Australia Energy for Buildings Menager
8 PhD. Aggelos Zacharopoulos Center of Sustainable Technologies School of the Built Enviroment, University of Ulster, Ulster, UK Research Fellow

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